Happy Hour: Friday Night at Rue Bourbon

Happy Hour: Friday Night at Rue Bourbon

It’s the first time that two of our colleagues, Camz & Arlet, joined us on a night out, Friday night! Since most of them were on a Friday to Saturday; 1pm to 10pm shift we agreed to try the YOLO (you only live once) session that most of our teammates do during after shift on a Thursday night, dubbed as YOLO Thursday Sesh. For a working and responsible mom like Arlet, who would have thought of going out with her officemates at weee hours instead of going home early and play with her kids and for Camz who’s also a responsible daughter, thus, we push it thru the moment they said YES.

Happy Hour: Friday Night at Rue Bourbon
Happy Aix and Yani with their Big Ass Caramel Beer

Happy Hour: Friday Night at Rue Bourbon
Four Season Juice or  Mojito?
Happy Hour: Friday Night at Rue Bourbon
Seafood platter (I guess!) 
Happy Hour: Friday Night at Rue Bourbon
camz & Arlet with Four Season Juice
Happy Hour: Friday Night at Rue Bourbon
Rue Bourbon's bar counter

We’re not heavy drinkers, if we were to choose between tea or coffee and beer or margarita or tequila (not unless it is wine or champagne over a fancy bar or restaurant?) well, I assure, we had rather the first one. You may ask why we’re there. Well, as I’ve mentioned earlier, to try the YOLO sesh with the presence of alcohol and the deafening sound of music playing at the bar.

Since we are working in RCBC Plaza, we chose Rue Bourbon which is a walking distance bar & restaurant from the place we’ve been working at. Rue Bourbon is known for their Big Ass Caramel Beer and Rockin’ Good Time Mardi Grass on which of course Aix and Yani ordered. Since I just came from sickness and took antibiotic for 7 days, I have had to drink just only water. Yah, prevention is better than cure and that’s what I admire with my peers they wouldn’t force you to do something you can’t if it has something to do with health.

More so, Arlet & Camz do not drink, they only had Iced Tea and Four Season Juice and lots of foods. Ha-ha. Well, a good conversation over a drink (whatever it is) is the main element of having the best time in our life. It is the lessons that can be learn to someone else’s life and a great advice that could make an individual to have an awesome life. But most of the time, the lack of common sense on a certain scenario of a certain person could probably make all of us to laugh horribly or sometimes shed a tears from a broken heart.

Going back to the venue, Rue Bourbon located at Salcedo Village, Makati City is quite small. I haven’t had a chance to go on their 2nd level as it is their smoking area and since no one smoke we’d rather stayed at the ground floor which was crowded. I think, more or less, only 20 persons can fit in there. Though the service was great (hello, service charge!). 

For the seven persons, we billed P2, 495 including tax and service charge for all the foods and drinks we/they got; 3 Classic Mojitos, 2 Caramel Beers, 1 Iced Tea, 1 Four Season Juice, Chicken Nachos (not in the photo ‘coz of empty battery phone) & 1 Buffalo wings. Stayed there for 2-3 hours and everything went well. A well-spent Friday night indeed!

Will I go back? Yes, I took a sip of Caramel Beer and I liked it. So, I am looking forward to fully have and enjoy it without inhibition. Plus, I want to try their other foods in the menu. Buffalo wings taste good, as well as the chicken nachos, well everything that we had were flavorful.

Rue Bourbon 
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