Figaro’s All-Day Breakfast

You cannot skip breakfast anymore! From this month of July onwards, you can now have your breakfast any time of the day and enjoy the sumptuous breakfast meals whether the Filipino or American-style breakfast at Figaro Coffee Company.

Figaro’s All-Day Breakfast offerings are comes with either brewed coffee, herbal tea or lemonade. For as low as P165 – P175 you will have the proper nutrients our body needs in order to function throughout the day.
French Toast Combo |  P175
Arroz ala Cubana |  P165
Filipino Breakfast |  P175
Country Breakfast |  P175
My favorite, still the traditional Filipino Breakfast with salty egg and tomatoes, daing na bangus, tapa and tocino. Yummy!

Thank you to Figaro! For having a not-so-normal working hours like mine (working in EMEA Hours), I can still have reasons to have my breakfast the way it should be. A flavorful healthy breakfast meals that are available All-Day!
And ooops, they also have the new Ham ‘N Cheese that really goes well with Figaro’s Coffee.

Be Healthy and Happy Eating!
Happy Monday! Start the week right.