Starbucks Cheer Party 2011

Starbucks one way of spreading love and spreading the spirit of Christmas is through Cheer Party. Starbucks held a couple of hour to have fun and enjoy Starbucks delightful coffees and pastries. So am I so lucky and grateful to witness that awesome party last November 15, 2011. A Cheer Party was held at 6750 Ayala and that was my first time.
The Starbucks was loaded of people lined up to get their coffee for a buy one take one promo plus 10% on all Starbucks collectibles and/or for personal use tumblers and mugs. In addition, there’s a band performing live to entertain Starbucks’ customer. 
Yay! Cookies and more…
Aside from that they also had a raffle that makes you win Starbucks item like tumblers, mugs and many more. You better look on the below schedules, maybe the next Starbucks Cheer Party could be in a place near you.

Happy Monday!