Goya Chocolates Variants

I went to the grocery earlier and I found these Goya Chocolates. Even though I do have cold and cough and been sneezing all-day, it will not stop me buying sweets. Actually, my sister also forced me, yes forced me to buy Ice Cream, and I bought it, just like that! Anyways, for the love of chocolates, I bought these three variants of Goya Chocolates – Cookies & Cream, Take-It, and the Splendor.

I love Goya chocolates because it’s not that super sweet and of course it always have something new to offer to its consumers. Goya is also a local brand, but with a word-class taste!
Goya Take-It
Crispy Wafer Fingers in Milk Chocolate

Goya Splendor
Crushed Almonds in Milk Choclate. 
So far, my favorite!

So if you were on a budget and want something chocolate-y, Goya chocolates would be in the rescue. Goya chocolates are much more affordable and available in convenience stores and supermarkets near you.



Jam Santos said...

yum! pero pagaling ka muna.. :)

kikaysimaria.blogspot.com said...

Yummy! btw, great pictures! you shot very well

Badet said...

Natikman ko na yung Cookies & Cream nila. Masarap din. Try ko next yung Goya Take It, parang Kitkat.

AyLin said...

@Jam; Thanks Dear! IMY!

@Kikaysimaria.blogspot.com; Thanks Dear!

@Badet; Yup, parang Kitkat yung Take-It. I agree with you, sarap din nung Cookies & Cream. :D

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