Sabrett Hotdogs

Nowadays, vouchers are in! So many sites offer discount on everything, from food to travel and from fashion to beauty and many more. Ensogo is one of them and I am one of those people that are greedy for savings. Well, if I can save on something I am the first one to grab that thing. Ha-ha. 

Since this is a food blog, let’s talk about my first deal in Ensogo, a Sabrett Hotdog voucher for 50% off the discount, from the price of Php200 down to Php100 which for me a very good deal. I do not know what Sabrett Hotdog is until that purchased.
Paul and I went to Edsa Shangrila last weekend to claim the voucher. The Sabrett Hotdog is located on Fourth Level of Shangrila, it is a small food cart, but they have a lot of customers.

By the way, what is Sabrett? Sabrett®, New York's No.1 Hot Dog, renowned for the famous snap! Of their natural casing, all-beef frankfurters. Every Sabrett hot dog is always fresh and bursting with flavor, because Sabrett has been committed to the outstanding quality of its products and the ultimate satisfaction of customers for over half a century.

Sabrett Hotdog's Stall

Jumbo Spicy Sabrett Hotdog for only Php85.

Their hotdogs are not that costly compared to others. I have two vouchers, which equals to Php400 worth of Sabrett Hotdogs products. I just ordered four pieces of Spicy Jumbo Sabrett Hotdog for take home. Aside from that, one Sabrett hotdog can fulfill your hungry tummy. 

Happy Eating. 

Till Next Time,