AMICI in SM North EDSA Annex

It has been a long time ago since I have visited the SM North EDSA. It is because of my laziness of walking, because gaining weight means getting tired even if it is just a short walk. Yesterday, we went to SM North EDSA Annex to do some job haunt, a job fair held by the U.S Embassy. I am not looking for a new job right now but then I am open to a new opportunity that might boost my career growth. 

We headed to the job fair event at the 4th floor of SM Annex, upon passing to the elevator I saw this AMICI Restaurant that even I am full that time, I still have enough space for their gelato. I missed AMICI as much as I missed their gelatos. After we have submitted, the resume to the certain company that I think would give us a good standing in an IT World and a decent salary that can buy all our rants in our lives, we headed to AMICI. 

At first, I thought they were a self-service restaurant same with AMICI SM Megamall Branch, but then my thought was wrong. We have pampered with the servers, approached us at our table, give us the menu and get our orders and after 10-15 minutes of waiting, voila! Our orders keep coming. Ha-ha. 

Spinach Fusilli Montanara (Php 225) –  Homemade fresh pasta with sauce made with Italian Sausages

Chocolate Sansrival (Php 70)

Sansrival (Php 70)

These were the foods what we have ordered. As I have said a while ago, we were full, we were just visiting AMICI to have some gelato, and I missed their pasta that took me for almost one hour to finish.

I will be one of their loyal customers. I love the gelato and their pasta. 

Till Next Time,