Happy EveryDay with Happy Lemon!

Happy Lemon owned by basketball player and celebrity Chris Tiu and his Xavier buddies, brought this franchise from Hong Kong to the Philippines. Its small space is located in G/F Promenade, Greenhills, between Starbucks and Coffee Bean which we usually hung out. At first, we thought that it is just like some other tea bars or any refreshing shake that just came out here and there. Finally, out of our curiosity, we have tried and tasted the new refreshing creations with a twist.

We have ordered the best seller on their Rock Salt Cheese and Mousse Spin Category – Green Tea and Lemon Yakult.

Lemon Yakult Mousse Spin and Green Tea with Rock Salt Cheese

The staff asked us if that was the first time we ordered the Green Tea with Rock Salt Cheese we answered yes. Then she instructed us not to use straw when drinking it which we did. We have tasted the milk, cheese and then the salt during our first sip but apparently the bitterness and sweetness of the tea came out. On which I said that it was the after taste of Green Tea with Rock Salt. I also loved the Lemon Yakult; it was creamy and has lemon pulps. It was not too sweet which I like the most. It was a very good experienced, were surely come back to taste the other flavors and be surprise!

Lemon Yakult Mousse Spin and Green Tea with Rock Salt Cheese

By the way, let’s talk about the origin of Happy Lemon.

Happy Lemon started in 2006 in Hong Kong and now has over 100 outlets spread across Hong Kong and China.
Happy Lemon aims to provide consumers with a lifestyle experience, interweaving quality beverages choices with popular culture. Whether through our creative infusion of coffee, selected tea leaves, cocoa and lemon or through our careful selection on high quality ingredients from around the world, we continuously surprise our consumer by injecting creativity in every drink we made.
We adopt a strict quality control system to ensure our ingredients are always fresh and our beverages are always consistent in taste. We do not use added preservatives or artificial additives in our beverages.
At Happy Lemon, you can be assured that only the yummiest drinks are served!

(Source from the brochure available in the counter)

Be Happy Everyday!

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