Ferrero Rocher and Nestle Violet Crumble!

I love Chocolates! It's my way of unleashing my stressful mind and chaotic soul.  

Listed are the chocolates stocked on my pedestal and table.

Ferrero Rocher is a spherical chocolate sweet made by Italian chocolatier Ferrero SpA, the producer of Tic Tac and Nutella. The sweets consist of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut cream and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts and walnuts. Ferrero Rocher is one of my top favorite chocolates. It's not that sweet and the whole roasted hazelnut inside is so yummy. I always crave for this one.

 Violet Crumble is an Australian chocolate bar manufactured in Campbellfield near Melbourne, Australia, by Nestlé. The bar is a crumbly honeycomb-like substance coated in compound chocolate. It is similar to the Crunchie made by Cadbury. It is so crunchy and sweet inside.

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