Chocolates,Chocolates, Lot's of chocolates!

This fast few days, chocolates are pouring on my hand, from my boyfriend who constantly giving me chocolates to friends who always travel out of the country, sort of pasalubongs from them. Wow, so many chocolates to linger on during my office hours and normal days. I am so blessed! (with chocolates.. haha)

From the previous blogs that i have been postings about chocolates, here's the new members of the group that pops on my mouth every time i am working since they are placed on top my working station here in the office. :)

Oh well, since childhood i am been fascinated with this chocolates. So chocolatey...

My empty Ferrero Rocher jar, now filled with yummy chocolatey goodies.

So inviting.. oh well, i guess i will just finish them all during my shift. :)

Life can be sometimes a misery but still there is something in it that will make you bloom. Like a chocolates, sometimes it was dark, white and brown.. but whatever it is, you are still enjoying it. Have a blessed day!

(Pictures are taken using my Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini pro)
Till Next Time!!!
Happy Readings :)

Yakap at Halik,